Sarah de Nordwall

Performance Poet, Sarah de Nordwall

Rhapsodic Theatre Workshops

A good workshop is a space where you find it easy to respond creatively. It's like a walled garden and you are safe inside, and beautiful things are grown by arbours and ceramic fountains. Even in the middle of a Learning at Work Week or a rehab unit, a prison or a Day Centre for the Elderly.

Resource 1 cover The walled garden can even be brought to your own home, which is where some people, especially the Heads of Charities or retired CEO's looking for a bit of extra creative inspiration might choose to hold the workhops One on One or for a specially chosen group.

The word poetry often inspires a groan! Unhappy memories of forced memorisation and recitation. Forced analysis and the taking to pieces of text before it had had time to do its magic.

All the workshops I've given and continue to devise to meet the briefs of different companies, classrooms and individuals (from finance institutions to lapdancers looking for a career change) are designed with one goal in mind - to help you respond personally, creatively and effortlessly in a way that will reveal more of what you had inside than you had dared to hope.

The workshop The Life Style store has been brought out because so many people on hearing the CD Lipstick is a Spiritual Experience, or seeing the show live, said "Ooh can I have the script of that to read with my House Group/Youth group/Entrepreneurs club.?" Could you make that into a workshop for us? Etc

Resource 2 cover.

So you can now buy the download of the scene with one poem before it that "sets the scene" for only £4 and then buy worksheets that provoke thoughtful, or creative, or intuitive, or even contemplative responses, depending on the focus of your group.

These Creative Response Packs are definitely something that you can try at home. However, if you'd like me to come in and perform a set of poems and scenes first, it will certainly raise the energy and expectations of the group to get the process going. The Creative Response Packs can then be useful for follow up work that you can do yourselves.

The Universe was not at home is a workshop that is built around a very different poem and scene. It touches upon themes of "How, why and when do we get to feel at home in the universe and with ourselves". The scene begins "Once upon a time there were two aliens in a travel shop..." and every twist and turn that follows is unexpected...

Prices for workshops with performances start at as little as £200 for charities and schools plus travel expenses.

£300 for businesses

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