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Audio CDs: Poerty and Music by Sarah de Nordwall

Lipstick is a Spiritual Experience CD by Sarah de Nordwall
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‘Lipstick is a Spiritual Experience’

"Be careful, it's contagious"
a Civil Servant
"Enigmatic, enlightening, a bit of sparkle juice for your day"
a Graphic Designer
"I found it worked particularly well with St John of the Cross"
a Hermit
"If you believe you have no interest in poetry whatsoever... then I challenge you to one evening with Ms de Nordwall. Sarah de Nordwall's poetry is not one-sided, it is a conversation evoking a response from the audience/listener in a way that will leave you laughing, thinking and wondering to yourself... could I?"
a Direct Payment Support Adviser and artist
"Hilarious and thought provoking observations on life, relationships and the universe..."
a Marketing Manager at the London Stock Exchange

Poetry Opens the World - Creative Response Packs

To enable a creative, prayerful and active response to Rhapsodic theatre pieces by Sarah de Nordwall with a view to encouraging fresh insights and initiatives.

Each downloadable pack contains:

  • a broadcast standard recording of poems and scenes with original music
  • a copy of the script
  • 5 worksheets and session plans -
    • To understand the meaning of the poetic and theatrical piece
      • initial questions
      • reflections by other young adults to consider
    • To engage in a creative response
      • Improvisation exercises
      • drawing
      • writing-writing exercises
    • To engage in an intellectual response
      • essay questions
      • Thinking tools suggested by the P4C approach
    • To engage in an action-orientated response
      • Devise and evaluate a project in response to the insights gained

    • Optional:

    • To engage in a prayerful response
      • lectio divina style question structure
      • Reflection with relevant Scriptures
Resource 1: The Lifestyle Store by Sarah de Nordwall

Resource 1:
‘The Lifestyle Store’

A resource about calling and fulfillment

Broadcast-Quality MP3, £4.00

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Worksheets will be available to download shortly

Resource 2: The Universe is Not at Home by Sarah de Nordwall

Resource 2:
‘The Universe was not at Home’

A resource about when we feel at home in the universe and when we don't

Broadcast-Quality MP3, £4.00

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Scripts, FREE

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Initial Responses Worksheet, £2.00

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Creative Response Worksheet, £2.00

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Intellectual Response Worksheet, £2.00

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Prayerful Response Worksheet, £2.00

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The worksheets are adaptable to the needs of many types of Groups:

The sessions can all be adapted to suit the needs and goals of your group.

They have already been used with a variety of groups from:

  • Adults in Career Change
  • Adults and Young people on Retreat
  • Young Adults in Church
  • Young Adults in University or chaplaincy
  • Executives in Learning at Work Weeks
  • Creatives in Professional development
  • Elderly people in Creative Environments.
  • Vulnerable adults in transitional care
  • School Children from Year 10 and upwards

Bespoke Materials created for Your Group for £25 when booking a workshop after an initial free consultation.

The materials are recommended as supplementary to Sarah coming in to your group, college, church or workplace to both perform the pieces and lead a workshop.

Your facilitators can then use these materials to continue the sessions and broaden and develop the work that has begun. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your creative work and inspiring projects, so that I can feature them on the blog.

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