Sarah de Nordwall

Performance Poet, Sarah de Nordwall

Testimonials for Sarah de Nordwall

Tom Bentall

'Sarahs poetry is like taking a walk in a wild jungle with a very experienced tracker by your side. Her rhymes and metaphors are wild animal friends and rare glimpses of eternal truths. The tone is always friendly and one gets a sense of the rocks and outcroppings that reality is made from, even though there is a delightful humour and often a spark has sent me headlong into a rhapsody of thought which at once heals and blesses. I enjoy the energy and vigour with which she performs especially the theatrical and warm renderings of 'the life-style store' and also 'the hermits'. Her fresh voice heralds a talent that promises much reward in the telling. I look forward to her next poetry trail with relish!'
- Tom Bentall, Jazz Pianist and Composer

Tamara Gal-On

'Having seen Sarah perform a number of times over the years, not the least of which was at my wedding, I never cease to be affected by her mysterious talent for enhancing my creativity by experiencing hers. I have laughed and cried by turns at her poems and monologues and been stunned by her singing voice but rather than leaving any of her performances just feeling as if I have consumed some moving art or creativity (which would be satisfying enough) without fail I also feel a strengthened connection to my own creative source. I both watch her and think "that is extraordinary, I could never do that" - and then think, 'but do you know what I can do - and AM going to do just as soon as I get home - I want to dust off that old manuscript I never finished/complete that photo montage project I imagined' and so on. Seeing Sarah perform is a gift that keeps on giving. I have the completed photo montage to prove it!'
Tamara Gal-On, Coach, Capitalise on Creativity

University and MA level work - storytelling and narrative skills have a variety of applications: MA students in Industrial Design at Central St Martins find workshops very valuable especially in the run up to their final exam:

'It was nice to see alternative ways of describing our projects - the 7 narrative plots (from Christopher Booker) and Circles of Concentration (from Stanislavski).'
'As designers we are projecting ourselves into our work. And sometimes we do not know how to identify the values that we want to express. So I think it is really worth while to work on that.'
- MA students in Industrial Design at Central St Martins

Andy Flannigan

'hi sarah
just a quick mail to say thanks soooo much for your stuff on friday night.
all the thinking around "waiting for the summons" tied in exactly with what i had been meeting and praying about all day!
i basically had a meeting with a guy who works with an MP at lunchtime at portcullis house , and he challenged me to try to clarify my call into politics, to categorise exactly which way i felt God was calling me into it, either artistically, intercessionally, or practically as a candidate. many of your thoughts and insights were astoundingly appropriate. i spent the afternoon just sitting and praying around westminster - seemed the appropriate spot. can't say i now have the answer, but God was obviously using you, bearing in mind the specificity of what this other guy said to me and what you shared. amazing!
plus, i just so ENJOYED it. i was sitting there thinking that there was nowhere else i would rather be (and London does provide a fair few options!!!), than listening and learning and identifying and laughing. so many gems that my notebook couldn't keep up! there is no ceiling to where your God-given talent could go. fly on sister.
Andy Flannagan

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