For Sarah and John on their Wedding Day

Performed before their wonderful display of Sarah’s Poems and John’s Photographs

Under the Poet’s eye
All things reveal their inner gaze

Return a look of kind enquiry
With an opening of the heart

A glimpse of mystery
The moment of desire for knowledge comes

For love is knowledge
In its purest form

And spiritual life
Unveiling of the sight.

And here displayed
Is God’s adventure
Evermore and evermore.

Under the Poet’s eye, the pen, the camera lens,
The world is speaking of its hidden core
Where all is yet to be discovered

We stand before the sea-shore

The boat laps at the lake
We’re on the existential edge
We cut into the cake!

And that’s why folklore senses
We should wish as the knife goes in

But we rejoice and pray aloud
‘Let a newer life begin!’

And under our Creator’s eye
We share the gift of Thou and I

We raise a glass as angels pray
To bless you
On your Wedding Day..

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  1. wow sarah – thank u so much for these truly wonderfully truthful words. it was marvellous to have you along … bless u! xxx sarah & john

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