50 Poems for my 50th – A Beginner’s Guide to Opening the World With Words!

It was a very exciting day when the book first arrived in June.. and then the 2nd edition in November!

It’s great that people have been really enjoying it – from those who would not normally choose to read poetry to world class poets with amazing reputations such as Mimi Khalvati.

‘It’s brilliant! I read the whole thing from cover to cover in a sitting… I just loved the way you put them together.. with the chatty bits in between. I could tell I was smiling as I read it! I loved it.’
Bernadette Barratt, Parish Secretary

One reader bought 20 to give as presents to all her friends for their birthdays in the coming year, saying that she couldn’t think of anyone she knew that wouldn’t be amused and inspired, so why not, since birthday cards cost about a third of a book!?

So, if you do want to buy one (or a few) you can find them on amazon, but if you prefer to support my publishers who are lovely people and have a great corporate culture (unlike some online giants one could mention) and who also pay the authors TWICE what amazon pays, then you can buy it here

Thanks so much to my delightful publishers, who helped me set up the Bardschool Press, (an imprint of Fast publishing). Without Pauline Tebbut and the wonderful Mr Potter (no less!) what would I have done? Check them out here.

Here are a few of the reviews and responses received so far. Thank you so much! I’m very glad it’s bringing you joy.

‘Sarah’s poetry is very original, full of surprises and beautiful images.

Reading it is like being perched on ‘Jacob’s ladder, pitched betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross’ to quote from Francis Thompson.
Her poetry can be mysterious, sad, funny or joyful – sometimes all in one poem. The book is a moving journey into inner space.’
Daphne Kilner – author

‘Sarah’s poetry opens up opportunities within me. Every time I read something that she has written, I feel inspired to grab a pen and a piece of paper and just see what happens.

I especially love the way her poetry invites us into a dialogue. It’s impossible for me to simply read her poems in a passive manner… every single one of her poems is an invitation to join in the adventure.
Helen Munt – singer song-writer

‘This book is a glittering treasure chest.
I can’t imagine it would be possible to read it through and not have your heart profoundly touched by something, or have your mind opened to something new.’

Claire Barrie, graphic designer

“50 poems for My 50th by Sarah de Nordwall (Bardschool Press £9.99)

Spirited, provocative, tender and personal, these poems by the founder of the Bard School are a delight, reminding those with jaded appetites that the world is full of wonder and the task of poetry is to open our eyes to the mysterious beauty surrounding us.

Composed after visiting places as far apart as Nova Scotia, a Croatian island an ultra-orthodox Jerusalem, these zany yet insightful lysrics are a constant invitation to leave one’s treadmill and celebrate the imaginative and spiritual life within.”
the Catholic Herald July 31st 2015 – Francis Phillips, journalist and book reviewer

Thanks for reading, and do let me know which poems take you on a journey.. many people love the retelling of the Hermit Story.. but favourites seem to be ‘I,Caterpillar’, ‘the Universe was not at Home’, ‘A Black Sheep ate my Business Notes’ and the poems about Shabbat. It’s been great to see the guests in the Day Centre for the homeless in Bracknall, enjoying reading them and producing their own poetic responses and later emailing them to me. That is what it’s all about!