Among the Fields

Walking in the fields,
You find the way.

No path
But here an almond tree
The nut-shell green
And soft like cheap velour.

But the taste is bitter.

The amazing fact
That here, yes, in this very field
A shepherd boy
With a single sling-shot
Killed Goliath

Philistine insurmountable,
The terror of the Jews.

Walking through the orchard
Where the furrowed soil is dry
You find the way.

No one to follow.
He keeps slipping out of view.

But now you sense
You know the way yourself.
Ah, there he is again; the task renewed.

The courage comes with each discovery.

The people I must help
I do not know.

My skills untutored
Yet you say
The finding of the way
This is the plan.

Don’t ask for more
you never liked straight roads.

I know you glimpsed the caves along the valley.

Since so much lies around us
Just enjoy the clues

He chose them
And we choose
To find the way
With Him.

Walking on the hill
We found the cave
As the rain fell.

Now dry, inside, we look out
And remember
He saw this very sea
From here, 2000 years ago.

And all the wheat we ran through
It was growing still
When He was walking here
Among the fields.

Sarah de Nordwall, November 28th 2009


  1. The path we follow
    Is not some torchlight shining forth
    But a glimmering flame
    Lit from within
    Fuelled by the owner of the oil
    The flame, the air, the earth beneath
    And the road upon it.
    The footstep rhythm the guide ahead
    And a joyful song on His lips and mine.
    His gift is this;
    The path, the walk, His words and song
    And the Light of the World on the way.

  2. Lovely! Thank you Sarah, your poem took me to simple and beautiful surroundings following the footsteps of our hearts true friend. Will come back to reread! 🙂

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