Aletheia – the removal of the veils

It’s useful to look back at old notes from years back sometimes to see what your vision and values were then.. and to see how they are unfolding: what new revelations they are being held in tension with and enriched by.

I found some notes from a book that was inspiring me in 1987: it’s a definition of truth taken from a Greek word. “Aletheia, the gradual removal of the veils from truth itself, revealing it to us in all its wholeness, unity, brightness, beauty, harmony, and being.”

At the time I remember thinking, well there’s something worth living for. You know when you’ve met someone who does.

Your heart and your hope awaken.

I’ve found since that whatever you seek, you will automatically discover those who are seeking too. It’s almost impossible to be alone for long when you set out on a quest. The very nature of embarking seems to ring bells in high places. So don’t wait for companions. They’ll be along.