A Feast for Easter

When God speaks welcome
Into an aching heart – there
Heaven has come home.

When water is poured
On tired hands that long for touch
There Love has spoken.

When philosophy
Fails and wealth closes the heart
God’s joy awakens.

See, He is Risen.
His people are not alone.
You are invited

To the Feast.

Sarah de Nordwall April 2007


  1. Other things I was digesting over Easter – how each day we are slowly dying from the terminal illness of sin that is ageing! I also got a real sense of how to live is to change and that every step even get out of bed in the morning involves some pain but at the same time – if a certain trial is unavoidable then – if we believe He is good – it will serve to transform us. A bit like if you are stuck in a concentration camp – it can be transformatory for yourself and others if embraced with (extraordinary) grace. Ofcourse – it depends on welcoming Him in – more than impossible otherwise!!!

    Anyway – the Exultet feels all the more glorious for surviving the night!

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