Lipstick is a Spiritual Experience CD

“Be careful, it’s contagious”
a Civil Servant 
“Enigmatic, enlightening, a bit of sparkle juice for your day”
a Graphic Designer

“I found it worked particularly well with St John of the Cross”
a Hermit

“If you believe you have no interest in poetry whatsoever…then I challenge you to one evening with Ms de Nordwall. Sarah de Nordwall’s poetry is not one-sided, it is a conversation evoking a response from the audience/listener in a way that will leave you laughing, thinking and wondering to yourself…could I?”
a Direct Payment Support Adviser and artist

“Hilarious and thought provoking observations on life, relationships and the universe…”
a Marketing Manager at the London Stock Exchange

The day I met a hermit who said, that one of the highest forms of contemplation was spinning round your room listening to your favourite music, was the day I’d found a spirituality I could relate to.

But he, like many of the lighter winged creatures, could flutter his way over the abyss with a deceptive ease. He taught me, though, that ‘ease’ was permissible and a marvelous place to begin.
And that is where the writing of poems comes in.

Like parachutes for the soul, they let you down more gently than perfect freefall, but have an innate and mischievous way of depositing you in some challenging crevices or dangerously near the edge of precipitous overhangs…

But there, of course, is where all the fun begins…

Sarah de Nordwall, a bard with a bard school

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