‘God and Luci ‘ or ‘The Making of Mankind’

‘Yes, it’ll just be gorgeous!’, said God with a gleeful grin.
‘All the fun of the flesh, you know, with a spiritual life thrown in!’

‘Well, I, think it sounds excessive indeed!’ said Lucifer, ‘What about me?
Why should they get all the best of both worlds, absolutely free?’

‘Because Lucificer, they’ll love it.
Just imagine the scene..’ and God went on for ages
He was obviously terribly keen.

‘Well, I think it sounds confusing aswell!’ said Lucifer, ‘And in bad taste;
A spiritual animal! What’s it for? I think it’s a bit of a waste.

‘Oh, Lucifer sometimes you are a bore’,
‘But God you’ve made loads of things, must we have more?’

‘Oh, live a bit, Lucifer! Have some fun!’

‘I’ve had nothing but stress since Time Begun!,
What was wrong with eternity? Peace and quiet.
Now the whole of creation is an absolute riot!

And what worries me more, is it’s not over yet.
I finished those dinasaurs off, don’t forget.
235 million years! Honestly, God, I was bored to tears.
They were Going Nowhere! Couldn’t you see?’

‘Well they always seemed rather exciting to me.’

‘Well now they’re extinct and you should be glad.
Admit that some of your plans go bad.
And this latest “creation”; I have to protest.
Just think, how could anyone give of their best
Suffused with base matter?
How sluggish! How twee!’

‘You’ve missed the point, Lucifer,
Matter is Free, to be wild and transfigured
It’s Love’s Work of Art!
And now we’ll have Man who can Wholly take part;
Transumed in the vibrancy
Forming anew.
A marvel of marvels!

See! I have thought it through.

Don’t think dualistic.
Man will be One.
There’ll be no division,
Just love, life and fun!

Think of life, lived through matter,
Where a spiritual act,
Is both Love and Creation and matter of fact AND a fact of matter!

Tremendous! You’ll see!
You’ll want to be In There.

Are you following Me?’

‘Well, it does sound convincing..
But there’s more,
Is that true?
There’s always another surprise with You.’

‘Well, Lucifer dearest I do confess
You sometimes amaze me.
How did you guess?

Because Unified Creature, the new earthling life,
I’m going to divide between Man and Wife!
I can’t wait to see what they make of that plan.’

‘Believe me, said Lucifer darkly
I can.
And there, as you see, is where trouble will start.
I’ve less faith than You in this hybrid heart.
You’re giving too much.
It hasn’t a hope.
It’ll just overload and then it won’t cope.
The theory is great, but I don’t think they’ll get it.
And I would suggest that you simply
Forget it.’

‘Well, you do have a point, Luce..
But I have a plan!
An angel companion for every man.
Yes, Luce, I want you in on this too.
You’re angle has helped me to worth this through.

In Mankind’s psyche you can shed a little light!
Help him see things clearly if his worldview gets too tight.
And sharing their dimensions, you can get a little taste
Of the Matter Spirit unity, and it wouldn’t go to waste!!
Yes, Luce, I like this more and more.
Maybe I could join the team? In perhaps a Wholly Physical Sense?’

‘Now hold it! What do you mean?
I don’t even want to imagine, what I think you just implied.
Believe me God, You can count me out.
An angel has his pride.

If you think I’m going to expend my spirit
On some hairy little tyke!

You’re quite mistaken and out of order..’

‘Well, Lucifer. Do what you like.
But I think Mankind is going to succeed!

Oh, come on Luci, do I have to plead?
A toast! To Adam and Eve’s success!

Oh come on Lucifer! Smile, and say, YES!

Sarah de Nordwall 1999

You can hear this poem on my CD ‘Lipstick is a Spiritual Experience’. It’s followed by ‘Lucifer’s Proposal’, which I’ll be posting tomorrow!

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  1. One of my all time Sarah de Norwall faves! I wonder what a conversation now would look like between the two?

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