Pattern of Constancy

There are some people who make mosaics out of lifetimes.

It’s not the simple elemental effect

Of a magnet

Under a page of iron filings

Making a pattern like magic out of chaos

With the power of the pull.

It’s more conscious



They’ve seen the potential in the fragments

And they haven’t run.

They’ve seen the beauty in the fractured colours

And they’ve set to work.

But not without permission;

This is freedom.

The small exquisite pieces one by one

Are taken from the dragon hoard

Where stealth and sloth had piled up wealth

Without a greater purpose

And instead

They’re having fun

And so are you,

Outdoors and far from the lonely mountain

Where the story had begun.

And now Fidelity with her listening ear

And Grace with her extravagant hues

Are teaching you to use

each element

That fell into forgetfulness

Until, the muse at work,

her sisters come

And bring their brothers,

Boldness and Redress

To make the vision larger than it dared.

And bring new life and glory from the Yes.

Each masterpiece will find its pair

Each form its purpose, free from fear.

And in the making

As we build

Our joy and lives breathe

Love fulfilled.

Sarah de Nordwall June 25th 2015