Instead I Will Stand in the Fire

I could run round the fringes of amusing people’s lawns
I could laugh at dinner parties and be considered quite a catch
I could find my way to the top of a tree
To the top of THE tree and look down at the grass-skimmers
From my quite imposing height.

I could dig in the annals of world knowledge
And find treasures that would release humanity from pain and despair
I could visit stars and return before the earth was formed
And be present at the birth of the species

I could visit every person
And experience all desire

Instead I will stand in the fire.
Instead I will stand in the fire.

I could work extensively at becoming particularly convincing
I could employ my intellect on a range of worthwhile projects
I could ask you many questions
and be energised with delight at the astonishing range and exponential charm of your responses

Instead, I will stand in the fire
And then let come what may.

Sarah de Nordwall    October 28th 2010


  1. I have seen fire like this before
    Reached out as the blaze beckoned
    And drew me in.
    Flames danced in high arcs upon my skin
    Water rising from within like morning mist
    Leaving mere dust as the fire dies.

    But these ahead burn with more light
    The warmth enfolding, colours renewed,
    In embracing grace.
    I feel remade as I walk into the centre space
    The blazing heart of love’s radiant glow –
    I kneel and remove my shoes.

  2. And the Master said,
    'She has chosen the better part,
    and it is not to be taken from her.'

    How few take the better part!

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