The thorns around the sleeping princess

When I saw this window in the Garden by the pool of Bethsaida, I thought it was scary, so I photographed it!

I thought, ‘Wow, the Prince is going to have to do a good bit of thorny-wood-chopping with the sword of innocence to get through to the sleeping princess in that castle!’

Do you find that often, producing one piece of art can be 90% thorny-wood-chopping and only 10% ‘proper’ gardening?

I thinks it’s more normal than not. It’s just that people don’t tell you how many thorns really do need dealing with, before the garden is properly ready for planting.

Once you know, then you don’t need to feel so bad about how long it took you to “get around to it”.

All the work and all the preparation is important.

Happy chopping!