A Black Sheep Ate My Business Notes

A black sheep ate my business notes,
I tell you cos it’s true.
I went to a business enterprise class
But I ended up in a zoo.

Because just beside Wandsworth Business Village
Lies ‘King George’s Park”
And with rabbits, canaries and budgies and goats,
It’s a regular Urban Ark.

And so I dawdled down Cherry Tree Walk;
There were no business women or men,
So I greeted the goats,
But I dropped all my notes
Waving “Hi” to the sheep in the pen.

Now, the little white sheep just wandered away
But the little black sheep came up to play
And that black sheep ate my business notes
And all my projections and graphs.

But what do you do
With a little black ewe
Who when you mention
Bank accounts, laughs?

I said
“Hey, this is enterprise culture,
Not food for the woolly and weak!
I’ve a living to make
And a profit to take
And a future in credit to seek.

You should be aware of the market place;
It’s the world of beef, mutton and ham.

I’d not graze through
As complacent as you
If I were a little black lamb.”

But she just nibbled on,
Til my plan was all gone – unperturbed!

I’d appointments to keep.
I said, “I’d not expected my first business meeting
To be so delayed by a sheep.”

But Time, it will pass
And I left for my class:
“Next time you want breakfast,
Then just stick to grass.’”

But I couldn’t forget
That little black nose
As I watched the black hands on the clock.

What will become of my business,
If it feeds
The black sheep of the flock?

Sarah de Nordwall July 1996