Welcome to The Bard School!

‘The Bard School has been a light in the darkness for me and water in the desert.  It has sustained me in my calling as an artist and as a Christian.’  Karolina Stolarska, MA in philosophy and theology, developing as a poet, visual artist and creative facilitator.

‘The Bard School is a place where I can gaze on the face of mystery, meet other Christian artists and rejoice in the image of the invisible God!’  Martin Earle, graduate of the Royal Academy, animator.

We are a group of Christian artists of all artistic genres from poetry to dance, from web-design to stained-glass window making, who are all committed to serving God and others through our art. 

Christians of all denominations are more than welcome to share and enrich our fellowship as well as those who are curious about the call to follow Christ.

We are exploring the idea that art can provide a prophetic witness in society, but for this witness to be authentic there must also be a deep journey of prayer and transformation on our own Christian journey. We are finding that the artistic process itself plays a decisive role;

‘For the artist, art offers both a new dimension and an exceptional mode of expression for spiritual growth.’ John Paul II

We have workshops which help us to understand the theology and philosophy which help to calibrate our artistic work and experience.

We encourage and support each other through prayer, as well as sharing practical skills on the marketing, business and production side of things.

The Bard School is not just a network, nor is it just a place to promote and advertise work; it is a dispersed community and a place for friendship and Christian renewal.  A participant at the workshop on October 23rd said, ‘All the elements of nurturing the artistic and prophetic voice were here today: practical, intellectual, inspiring and full of authentic fellowship.’ 

If you think The Bard School could help you in any of these areas and you could help to encourage and inform fellow bards similarly, then do consider coming along to some of the meetings that are generally on 4th Saturday of the month. Please click here to see when the next Bard School meeting is. If you’d like to know more then do feel free to call on 07849 641 899.

Sarah de Nordwall – a bard with a bard school


‘The Bard School brought me into creative participation with other Christian artists. It works on different levels, being a catalyst for artistic practice within the Christian heart. It’s been nurturing to be part of a community who understand the calling to be artists who want to engage creatively with God. This turns creativity into prayer and worship, mission and meditation, search and discovery.

Artists of all disciplines need support and opportunities from the Church (and Charity sector) to realize their gifts and to bring God’s love, colour, form, light and wonder to his Church and the world He loves. Art has never been more liberated as it is now in the 21st Century and offers an extraordinary means to give form to the mysteries of God, the teachings of Christ and the Apostles. I believe the Church is the native home of Art and the Bard School should be an axis for this realization.’

Robert Enoch,
Installation Artist (Protestant)

‘”I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. The Bard School made me feel more alive and enabled fellow artists to give each other life and joy. It also gave me great hope and encouragement for the future.’

Alex Haydon,
Catholic writer and assistant to a Catholic Member of Parliament
‘Thank you for the joy that The Bard School inspires in all the artists that have joined. It has encouraged us to follow our artistic callings and conversion.’
Rebecca Jellie,
Visitor from New Zealand, teaching psychology and studying ballet and art


  1. Hi there

    I'm trying to find out when your next event / meeting is but the calendar doesn't seem to want to work for me! Is there another way of finding them out?

    Many thanks,

    Helen Stacey

  2. Hi Helen
    Thanks so much for getting in touch. I think the best solution is just to write to me personally and I'll put you onto the Bard List so you can hear from us directly.

    At the moment we are all focussing on Bard Projects rather than regular meetings but you may enjoy some of the performances that are coming up on 26th and 31st May. So just email me on sarah@sarahdenordwall.com and we will be able to correspond.

    Do let me know a bit about the areas of the bard school that intrigue you.

    God bless
    a bard with a bard school

  3. Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to network with other Christian playwrights, and I'm also seeking producing opportunities for myself as a playwrights. Is there a way to submit scripts through the Bard School?

    Cindy Pierre

  4. Hi Cindy
    it's lovely to hear from your and it would be great to chat about your playwriting. I recently submitted a short play to a drama festival in Knightsbridge and had it accepted and performed, so I'd be very happy to introduce you to that company. I do know another excellent theatre company, but the Bard School as such does not submit scripts officially, we are more of a learning together fellowship, who over time support each other and help each other find the right kind of work. Do feel free to write to me personally and maybe we can meet – sarah@sarahdenordwall.com

    God bless you and hopefully we'll chat soon.

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