The Fertile Field

Even the explosion of an atom bomb
Makes no impact on a mind that’s closed.

When it’s locked on the inside,
Fastened in fear,
The thoughts that you’ve proposed,
Sound wild and vicious as the force 9 gale
That blows down the turrets
And sweeps in the hail.

So when you hear the hollow shock
And a breathless gasp as you gently knock
then leave the house in its own disorder,
Spare your heartache,
Break for the border.

Somewhere on a higher plane
You’ll find a vantage point again
And looking down on roofs and towers
Drink in deeply higher powers..

Then return with soul in tact
Before proposing any pact.

Seek no comfort
Ask no pardon
Work in silence
In your garden.

Let the ivy only cling
Need no person
Need no thing

Let the summer breeze convey
Scents of what you’d wished to say.

Unspoken yet
The flowers yield
And die so gently
In the field.

Till the fruits in silence dare
To ripen in the autumn air.

Matured in time
At last to feed
The heart within
Accedes to need

And as you tend the crop in peace

The prisoned mind
Steps out released

And tender
Towards the fertile tree
Will step in courage

When you’re free.

Sarah de Nordwall 1994


  1. I like this one, Sarah! It's not comfortable, it's a poem that pulls you out of your comfort zone into something more real. Especially, "Let the summer breeze convey/Scents of what you've wished to say."


  2. I like it too , it makes me think in a quiet unintrusive way , a hallmark of great poetry.


  3. I liked this one, Sarah.
    'Work in silence / In your garden'

    Sacrificing time and self to try to free hearts under the Shadow.

    If there were more gardens, might there be fewer Gollums? Mine is 'an unweeded garden gone to seed. Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely'. And the door is locked, the key lying around somewhere, under heaps of obligations.


  4. I liked this one a lot, not least because it rhymes and it comes straight from the heart <3

    "Let the summer breeze convey
    Scents of what you'd wished to say."


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