be my guest

Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, Justice.
My four strong sisters
Thank you for your aid.
But now, I ask you with a simple grace
To stop and sit down at the Sabbath Gate.

Put down your tools
And breathe before you enter
For something greater than yourselves is here.

And it is He who will refresh you
He who will provide
He who will require no payment
He who will preside.

Fortitude, courageous heart
Your rest is here prepared
And Prudence, all your careful plans
So wise, now let them ride.

Temperance, here is your command;
Three feasts you must enjoy, desire!
Then taste my gift for Justice
Which will draw us near the fire:
Mercy, vintage from the vine of grace
Within this ecstasy find your place.

Let me be the fresh creation
Let me now create in you
Let me be the Lord Sabaoth
Joy is all there is to do!

In this time, you feast in Holiness.
Work, Production, let them be
Here we are now at the Centre
I in You and you in Me.

Rest, Spontaneity, Festival, Mercy,
Kiss your sisters, lest they pine.
Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, Justice
We’ve revived you, just in Time.

Sarah de Nordwall
Jerusalem June 2010

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