Gorgeous abundance and the King of Gentleness

Well, we had a day of gorgeous abundance and I hope you did too. We were by the fire, with coloured tissue paper, the Sacred Romance, poetry and St John of the Cross.

Sarah Fordham asked us to write a response to this simple prayer, so you might like to try it too:

Prayer of Peace by St John of the Cross

O blessed Jesus,
give me stillness of soul in You.
Let Your mighty calmness reign in me.
Rule me, O King of Gentleness,
King of Peace.

She also shared with us her brochure of poems of John Paul II, which she is using in a pastoral context. This is a quote from Song of the Inexhaustible Sun after which Sarah asks What do you adore? It’s a simple writing exercise that can yeild interesting results.

I adore you, fragrant hay, because in you
no pride ripens as in ears of corn;
I adore you, fragrant hay, because you cuddled
a barefoot baby, manger-born.

I adore you, rough wood, because I find
no complaint in your fallen leaves;
I adore you, rough wood: you covered His shoulders
with blood-drenched twigs.

And you, pale light of wheat bread, I adore.
In you eternity dwells but for a while,
flowing in to our shore
along a secret path.

What do you adore? Over to you!


  1. I adore the rising sun,
    blessing the day with light new-won
    from space's dark rest, the cooling night
    that breathed relief from hot sunlight.

    I adore the golden leaves
    Blessings shower'd from mighty trees
    Sun-tousled glory of autumn's fame,
    fertility's final glorious flame.

    I adore the shining flow
    shot from hands that music know,
    delight in sweetness, joy or pain
    that shines God's glory back again.

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