Haikus for Katy (19th April 1972- 12th July 2011)

You wrote a haiku
For me when I went away.
It speaks to me now:

‘Jerusalem Ho!
Adventure calls you Eastwards
Not goodbye, farewell

And now you go East
To the Great Jerusalem.
Glory, colour, light

And joy embrace you
Who brought so much of all these
to those who love you.

A tender stream of kindness
And humility

But gravitas too
In the way you paint the world
With a lover’s eye

A glance of delight
A gaze of contemplation
And finesse that stills.

Katy, a star is
Missing from amongst us, but
You shine brighter now.

Sarah de Nordwall

St Paul’s Onslow Square 21st July 2011
The celebration of Katy’s wonderful life

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