The Four Winds – Quatro Vientos

Wild winds awaken
What duty and chaos dulled
in the concrete world.

2 million kneel
To touch the softening earth
as heaven descends.

This greater silence
Opens the heart of worship
and our souls revive.

around us the storm
dies as our peace is quickened
and the Spirit rests.

What is our bard work for?

Waking the spirit
Watering the thirsty ground
Reviving the soul

Drenching the hard earth
Softening the soil with storm
till the Spirit leaps.

Write and reveal
The ground of your own being
And you touch the Lord.

(written in the far western hill-town of Gata in Spain, from the balcony overlooking the Sierra, 3 days after attending the great prayer vigil with Pope Benedict XVI and 2 million others on 20th August 2011 at Quatro Vientos)

Leo, Claire and I are busy developping a website on which to launch the ‘Poetry opens the World’ workshops, which we were attempting to design last night over some chilled red wine in the old square. There’s nothing like real work is there?

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