Sarah de Nordwall – a bard with a bard school

Once upon a time the Bard or court poet was worth the King’s ransom. His commission was to speak truth without fear, and to entertain everyone from the peasant to the King. To make this task easier, in 8th Century Ireland, they had Bard Schools – to teach the poets to be as astute as they were spiritual, to be improvisers as well as “living libraries of cultural knowledge” and to have “the virtues of all classes and the vices of none!”

12 years ago I began to wonder how one could become such a bard, and whether it would be possible to found such a bard school.

A few years working (and performing poems) at the BBC taught me that bards were still required to turn the tables and awaken some fresh creative energy.

These days, as well as performances of my shows, in delightfully varied venues from rehab units to the civil service, I also offer bespoke creative writing workshops for individuals, groups and teams.

Parties and celebrations from 100th birthdays to weddings can have a unique poem commissioned and performed. Charities have used my poems for lobbying parliament and raising awareness of their cause.

Clients have included:

  • Four open house parties for an Architectural firm in Central London, when they opened a new office.
  • The Teaching Development Agency for a Learning at Work week.
  • Financial advisors who wanted to bring creativity and more personal reflection into the environment.
  • Two Carmelite monasteries who love a good party.
  • One rehab unit for ex-prisoners and ex-addicts, where an immense amount of talent was just waiting to be released.
  • Two hen parties, three weddings, a 40th, a 60th and a 100th birthday party.

  • Two International Conferences on Arts & Social Change – one in Switzerland and the other in Pakistan.
  • Several gigs supporting signed bands, dozens of schools, support units, youth clubs, front rooms, radio shows, offices parties, faith events,
  • and creative collaborations with academics, singers, visual artists and fellow poets, who were all a great and varied joy to work with.

All creative collaborations are welcomed and considered! If you would like a performance, a commissioned poem or workshop then do mail me at and I look forward very much to meeting you.

There is also a regular Bard School for creative artists who wish to train as Bards in the Roman Catholic tradition at venues in and around London. Please visit The Bard School Blog for the latest news and dates for future events.


  1. This is a refreshing idea…..Catholic poets are so little heard these days and I came across your name through ACN. I am from the North of England and write Catholic/religious poetry in the metaphoric tradition with inspiration from such as George Herbert and Manley-Hopkins. It is great to hear of others bloging and communicating in the same vane

  2. Yes it's a very creative way to put ideas of faith across. I just read the Fifty Poems book and though all of it is good my favourite has to be God and Luci. It tells the thinking behind the fall of mankind by Luci (Satan) and is pure genius. I love it. My name is Margaret and I don't know how to do select profile as I'm an online nitwit. However I have given my name and will click on Anonymous but I'm not anonymous, it's the only option I can do . . . . . . .

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