Slowly and kindly

Slowly and kindly
That’s how to grow

With heart and eyes open
As gently you go,

Then if, at the last
They say, ‘Look where you could be!’,
Just say, ‘Here I am;
And the going’s been goodly.’


  1. Amen. There are always voices (and one in particular) that try to tell us we aren't good enough and we aren't where we "could/should" be… but we need to stay gazing on Him who loves us and know that if we are seeking to be in His perfect and pleasing will then where we "could" be is merely fool's gold.

  2. This whole poem just made me think of a very good little girl, so pleased to be doing something right. If my paternal insights are any guide at all to what the Father thinks of you, O Sarah, He is Dead Chuffed!! 🙂

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