The Quiet Revolution

Again the Sabbath comes to mind.


Because it’s quiet while God works
It’s an act of faith
The stillness
The not going anywhere
Not doing anything to make a visible change

You’re just existing
but existing’s good
And that’s the point

The Quiet Revolution
Is a discipline of mind
An opening of the heart
Because the peace is all around

It’s an act of hope
The listening
Not saying too much
Not expecting thoughts to change the essence of the world

It’s a time of praise
For all that was before you came
And all that will be when you’re gone
It’s an act of love
Of the world around you

In which the present troubles disappear
And all that matters is the great Shalom
Which now you enter in
Because you’ve chosen
To choose this pearl
Above all other things.

And there you feel the Quiet Revolution
The silken pearl within your upturned palm.
Such beauty will not know a diminution
But change from glory unto glorious psalm.

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