Escape Velocity

In order to achieve escape velocityI reduced my speed to zero. It didn’t take long;No time at allPlus 20 years of dithering about When suddenly, when I slowed downAnd all the buildings, cars and pseudo-opportunities sped upI stood still in the searing silent blurAnd all of it was gone. Miraculously fallen into sheer irrelevanceAnd all…

The Angel Coast or Unexpected Gold

Bright heaven has let down her guard And falls be-dazzled on the winter sea The torrent breakers grey and wild Erupt in scintillating cries of light Bright platinum flashing white and flecked with unexpected gold. How came this glorious gift To such a cold stone shore? The whitening chalk cliffs, tender Honoured yet, breathe phantom…

Instead I Will Stand in the Fire

I could run round the fringes of amusing people’s lawnsI could laugh at dinner parties and be considered quite a catchI could find my way to the top of a treeTo the top of THE tree and look down at the grass-skimmersFrom my quite imposing height. I could dig in the annals of world knowledgeAnd…

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