The Angel Coast or Unexpected Gold

Bright heaven has let down her guard
And falls be-dazzled on the winter sea
The torrent breakers grey and wild
Erupt in scintillating cries of light
Bright platinum flashing white and
flecked with unexpected gold.
How came this glorious gift
To such a cold stone shore?
The whitening chalk cliffs, tender
Honoured yet, breathe phantom like
and mute
Beside excoriating power volcanic
Bursting from the home of light
In unrelenting bliss.
Kiss now our homely earth
And fling your star falls in the lucid air
As throngs of birds in undulating joy
Pitch up
and fall and
Rise again
Against the anguish of the blistering gales
Leaving with the myriad plays of light.
Lightless birds, heightening the air with cries
Fine soundings of an infinite wealth of time and turning space
frothed and breakered
in the drenching roar of sound
out, far beyond the realm of all our pinpoint shore-bound
this too much turmoil of unmeasurable beauty
pierces forth in
unreciprocal power.
Unending and unbearable glory
tears and sweeps away
the last of all my heart’s defences
And all this so
unmeasured glory
enters in.
Sarah de Nordwall October 27th 2002


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