Hammad’s beautiful song for the murdered Shahbaz Bhatti

Hammad, who composed the music on my CD and follows events at the Bard School from Slough and Pakistan, and whose name means “One who sings for God”, stayed up all night after hearing the news of Shahbaz’s brutal killing, to compose this lament for him.

You won’t need to understand urdu to be moved and to pray.

Our hearts and prayers are with the Christians of Pakistan, who are suffering martydom on a daily basis at this time, both in the discrimination they face in their daily lives, as well as in these more dramatic fatal attacks.

I have since heard that the Bhatti family heard of Hammad’s song and requested that it be played at his memorial service. And it was.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful song. It is a heart felt lament for our grieving Pakistani Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The Urdu poetry speaks of an eagle being shot down. (the urdu word for eagle is Shehbaz)
    God bless.

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