I shall dig a Well

I shall dig a well in
The dark earth

And I shall fling with glee
The sharp stones at the spade’s edge.

I shall hear with joy the
Clang of metal on stone
And breathe with fervour
the smell of cut moss and wriggling soil.

Ahh, I shall dig a deep well

And the striking spade will sing on the cavern’s roof,

There where I bore my hole in the rock
The light will enter for the first time in
Ageless ages

Into the sleeping cave

Revealing colour
and air

Water of purple
and green
And deep, deep gold

I will source my well at the earth’s heart
Far from the sight of men
And up into fragrant heavens will its vapour rise

Mist-like until dew-fallen
Into the greening forest

Refresh me

Well of my own digging

For we have been friends for many years
But soon

We meet.

Sarah de Nordwall 1999