Poems 4 and 5 – Sally loves Microwave Man and Microwave Man’s woman

They say little creatures crawled out of the slime
And became human beings in a matter of time
So that that which once wallowed in primeval bogs
Now thrives in society’s civilised cogs.

Which cog you engage with, you choose if you can
And one I’ve encountered
Is Microwave Man.

For me this story of Microwave man is one of your best. It’s so accessible. And I can’t help picturing some of my colleagues at the Stock Exchange where I used to work.

Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme but this does and it’s hilarious.

I’ve never seen a Lara Croft game but I know just what you mean.

As she springs divinely from chasm to pool
Microwave Man can adventure and drool
And the graphics are stunning and all in 3D
So who needs a social life, or Web TV?

Once Microwave Man asked if life had a goal
Now he’s happy with Lara Croft’s Dive Forward Roll;

So perfectly pleasing, so aesthetically whole
And you just press the arrow key, shift and control.

It does make me giggle. I just love the cleverness of the lyrics.

And it also makes me reflect how people can think they are making progress when in fact they are secretly longing for a much simpler life.

And I can’t help thinking, as I know you so well, that the bit about well nuked food might have something to do with your own experience?

And he pierces the film of his plastic tray meal
And he microwaves full power
But he must have got distracted
Cos he leaves it in an hour.

And as he watches his well nuked food
In electric light revolve
He wonders
What does it mean

Sally has moved from the London Stock Exchange to being Vicar of St Margaret’s in Edgware. She also has an MBA, plays Bass guitar and is married to Hammad Baily, who is now fast asleep, having just come back from Usbekistan where he’s been playing guitar in a gig with Ariana Sayeed. It’s a busy household.

So here’s Hammad and Xena this evening.. and I forgot to tell you that it was Hammad that wrote all the music on the audio book and did lots of the editing in his studio here in Edgware. Thanks Hammad!

You can hear him here and enjoy exploring his wonderful music that is very much celebrated in Pakistan and around the world (espcecially in Edgware!)

I love this one

You can hear Microwave Man and Microwave Man’s woman on Bandcamp as part of Lipstick is a Spiritual Experience, or buy the whole 50 poems on the Audio book from only £5.59 here.