You make me

I like you because you make me feel liked
I don’t like you because I know you
I don’t know you
I don’t see you
I see only that you like me
And that I like.

I like you because you make me feel pleasing
So I’ll do what it takes to please you
Whether I like it or not
And I don’t
In fact it hurts me
But not as much as the fact that you might not like me
If I don’t.

I’m worried that you don’t seem to talk to me
As much as you did.
I need to know what you need
I plead
Can’t you see
How you make me
So unhappy.

Sarah de Nordwall 2002

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  1. You can't help adoring those who appear to adore you and falling head over heels for those who reflect the perfect image of you in their eyes. Thus was Eve fooled in Milton I think…

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