Milly Molly Mantra

Milly Molly Mantra was assured of her success.
To her own emerging universe she thrilled and uttered, ‘Yes!’

She knew she was a winner
She knew she had a choice
She knew she was a person with a real free person’s voice.

And Milly Molly Mantra had two mottos that could thrill
They went ‘Each day I’m better’ and ‘I will, I will, I will’.

Life, captured her, exalted her
And each day she’d repeat
‘Today in every way I’m growing more and more replete’.

Her diet purged her, by her will
She knew that she could do it;
And all her fears of daily life she’d face
And battle through it.

But when at home as years advanced
She found she’d sometimes sigh
And face the stark encroaching dark
With ‘No, I will not die’.

But though Milly Molly Mantra
Lived with all her psychic juices
The hour of death left Milly very quiet
Without excuses.

And through death’s marvellous doorway
She saw another face
And wondered if she hadn’t seen it
In some other place.

And Milly Molly Mantra
Felt distinctly awed and numb
And for the first time ever
Milly’s mantra,
left her

Sarah de Nordwall

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